b. 1822 OH


With Probable Father Lazarus



It is believed that Lazarus was son of Revolutionary War soldier Zorobable Maddux.Lazarusí death record in the 1850 mortality schedule states that he was born in Kentucky 1785.Zorobabel was in Mason (later Fleming and Lewis) Co., KY, in the late 1700s dealing in land.In 1820 Zorobabel was in Pickaway Co., OH living near Lazarus.We have yet to find proof of Zorobabelís children as he seems to have died owning no estate and therefore had no will.DNA testing will help prove this.


Zorobabel was b. Worcester Co., MD 1753.His father was Bell who was b. Somerset Co., MD 1715.His father was Thomas b. Somerset Co., MD, 1679.His father was Alexander b. Northampton Co., VA, 1654.His father was Alexander b. prob. England 1613.And his probable father was Thomas who came from London to Jamestown in 1620.This line always spelled their name ux; however, Lazarusí descendants used the ox spelling.



Generation 1



b.†††††††† 1785 KY (prob. Mason Co.)

m.††††††† 1816 Elizabeth Greaton, Pickaway Co., OH

d.†††††††† 1850 Pickaway Co., OH




A1†††††† Clarisa Hall Maddox, b. 1817 Pickaway Co., OH, m. 1835 Denard P. Knowles, d. 1903 Shawnee Co., KS

A2†††††† John A. Maddox, b.c. 1819 Pickaway Co., OH

A3†††††† WILLIAM W. MADDOX, b. 1822 (see B below)

A4†††††† Daughter Maddox, b.c. 1825 Pickaway Co., OH, d.c. 1824 Pickaway Co., OH

A5†††††† David P. Maddox, b.c. 1828 Pickaway Co., OH, m. Mary M. Tammadge, Pickaway Co., OH

A6†††††† Joseph P. Maddox, b.c. 1831 Pickaway Co., OH (or b. 1822 KY)

A7†††††† Mary M. Maddox, b.c. 1834 Pickaway Co., OH, m. 1852 George M. Neff, Pickaway Co., OH

A8†††††† Susannah Maddox, b. 1837 Pickaway Co., OH, m. 1857 John W. Alkire, Pickaway Co., OH, d. 1917


Generation 2


B†††††††† WILLIAM W. MADDOX (same as A3 above)2

b.†††††††† 1822 Pickaway Co., OH

m.††††††† 1840 Nancy J. Webb, Pickaway Co., OH

d.†††††††† 1869 Scott Co., IL (gunshot)




B1††††††† David Maddox, b. 1843 Pickaway Co., OH

B2†††††† LEWIS MADDOX, b. 1846 (see C below)

B3††††††† William H. Maddox, b. 1849 Pickaway Co., OH

B4††††††† George S. Maddox, b. 1852 Scott Co., IL, m. 1875 Jennettie G. Lake, Morgan Co., IL

B5††††††† Joseph A. Maddox, b. 1856 Scott Co., IL, m. 1876 Elizabeth Lake, Scott Co., IL

B6††††††† Margaret A. Maddox, b. 1859 Scott Co., IL


Generation 3


C†††††††† LEWIS MADDOX (same as B2 above)3

b.†††††††† 1846 Pickaway Co., OH

m.††††††† 1st 1867 Melissa Boss, Scott Co., IL

m.††††††† 2nd 1869 Ellen Taylor, Scott Co., IL





C1†††††† JOHN A. MADDOX, b. 1870 (see D below)


m.††††††† 3rd 1876 Catherine Kesler, Scott Co., IL

m.††††††† 4th 1879 Ada/Edith Alice Wilson, Morgan Co., IL


C2†††††† William L. Maddox, b. 1880 Morgan Co., IL

C3†††††† Mary Maddox, b. 1885 Morgan/Cass Co., IL, m. 1880 Charles Miller Cass Co., IL

C4†††††† Fred A. Maddox, b. 1887 Morgan/Cass Co., IL

C5†††††† Lula Maddox, b. 1890 Morgan/Cass Co., IL

C6†††††† Joseph A. Maddox, b. 1893 Morgan/Cass Co., IL

C7†††††† Otto Maddox, b. 1899 Cass Co., IL


Generation 4


D†††††††† JOHN A. MADDOX (same as C1 above)

b.†††††††† 1870 Scott Co., IL

m.††††††† 1895 Catherine Crabtree Briggs, Brown Co., IL

d.†††††††† 1941 Brown Co., IL




D1†††††† George Maddox, b. 1896 Brown Co., IL

D2†††††† John Read Maddox, b. 1904 Brown Co., IL

D3†††††† ELMER L. MADDOX, b. 1907 Brown Co., IL, d. 1979 IL

D4†††††† Grace P. Maddox, b. 1913 Brown Co., IL

D5†††††† Dorothy E. Maddox, b. 1917 Brown Co., IL






1Paternity Documentation Lazarus to William:1840 census Pickaway Co., OH, William age 20-29 living two houses from Lazarus age 40-49.(If William married underage, there should be parental consent on file at the courthouse.)


2Paternity Documentation William to Lewis:1850 census Pickaway Co., OH, 1860 census Scott Co., IL

3Paternity Documentation Lewis to John A:1880 census Morgan Co., IL

4Paternity Documentation John A. to Elmer:1910 census Brown Co., IL, 1920 census Cass Co., IL



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