b. 1777




George Maddox married Elizabeth Potts in Williamson Co., TN, c. 1816.  In 1803 William Mattock and 3 others of Davidson & Williamson Cos., TN, bought 320 acres in Williamson Co.  In 1806 William testified in a hearing in Williamson.   An enumeration of Williamson Co. in 1815 listed William Maddox.  He was in the 1820 census as being born 1725-1794, and in the 1830 census b. 1791-1800. 


In Davidson Co., TN. William Mattock received a land grant 1791-1796, then bought more land there 1796-1798.  He was in an enumeration 1803 and 1811.  He filed his will there between 1784-1816.  Others in Davidson Co. were:  Edmond & Ellis buying land there 1803-1806; Elisha and Elias in enumeration of 1812.  A William D. Maddeaux married there in 1829.  Also John Matlock in 1820, Nicholas Matlock in 1826 and Benjamin Matlock in 1830.


Was George Washington Maddox a brother to William who started in Davidson Co., TN, and ended up in Williamson Co., TN?  Was the William who obtained a land grant in the 1700s and filed his will there 1784-1816 their father?  George had two sons named William.  And was Haley Mattix b. 1811-1820 in the Hickman Co., TN, census of 1840 George’s son?



Generation 1



b.         1777 MD

m.        1818 or 1816 Elizabeth Potts, Williamson Co., TN

d.         Btw. 1850-1860 TN




A1       Haley? Maddox, b. 1811-1820

A2       GEORGE WASHINGTON MADDOX, b. 1826 (see B below)



Generation 2


B.        GEORGE WASHINGTON MADDOX (same as A2 above)2

b.         1826 VA or TN

m.        c. 1853 Mary Joanna Moore, Hickman Co., TN

d.         1894 Polk Co., TX




B1        William G. Maddox, b. 1854 Hickman Co., TN

B2        Mary A. Maddox, b. 1855 Hickman Co., TN

B3        Margaret E. Maddox, b. 1857 Hickman Co., TN

B4        Louella Maddox, b. 1860 Hickman Co., TN, dy Hickman Co., TN

B5        Laura B. Maddox, b. 1863 Hickman Co., TN

B6        Martha E. Maddox, b. 1866 Hickman Co., TN

B7        Robert Turner Maddox, b. 1868 Hickman Co., TN, m. 1st Signa, TX, 2nd Lucina A.Mericle, TX, d. 1956 Trinity Co., TX

B8        William Henry Maddox, b.c. 1870 Hickman Co., TN

B9        James Thomas Maddox, b. 1873 Hickman Co., TN, d. 1935 Houston Co., TX

B10      Dolly Maddox, b.c. 1874 Hickman Co., TN

B11     JOHN WESLEY MADDOX, b. 1877 (see C below)


Generation 3



b.         1877 Hickman Co., TN

m.        c. 1900 Albertha A. Ashworth, TX

d.         1949 Concho Co., TX




C1       Herman Maddox, b. 1902 TX

C2       Velma Maddox, b. 1904 TX

C3       James William Maddox, b. 1905 TX

C4       LOIS MADDOX, b. 1907 Trinity Co., TX

C5       Beatrice Maddox, b. 1910 Trinity Co., TX

C6       Clinton Maddox, b. 1914 Trinity or Houston Co., TX

C7       Therma Maddox, b. 1916 Trinity or Houston Co., TX

C8       Carl Maddox, b. 1917 Houston Co., TX

C9       Gerald Dean Maddox, b. 1923 Concho Co., TX






1Paternity Documentation George Sr. to George Jr:  1850 census Hickman Co., TN.


2Paternity Documentation George Jr. to John Wesley:   1860 census Hickman Co., TN, shows the older siblings of John Wesley (Wm G, Polly/Mary A, & Margaret E.) in the household of Elizabeth Maddox, 66, b. NC.  This is the same Elizabeth Maddox married to George Sr. in the 1850 census.  Also in 1900 Trinity Co., TX, John Wesley was living next door to Mary J. now 66 b. TN, and James, 27.   Also family Bible in possession of Dennie Dorywane Maddox, grandson of John Wesley.


3Paternity documentation John Wesley to son Lois:  1910 census Trinity Co., TX, and 1920 census Houston Co., TX




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