b. c. 1742


Through son John b.c. 1776



A family researcher said in 1939 that Samuel was the son of a Giles Mattix who was born in the Netherlands, perhaps around 1722.  This comes from Nathan Wilson Mattix who wrote out a family tree that began, “Giles Mattix and wife, Mary Mattix, immigrants from Holland before American Revolution settled in New Jersey.  (Six sons served in Revolutionary War.)”  N.W. Mattix is a descendant of Samuel’s son, John b.c. 1776 NJ, which is also my line.  (See D55 below)


In 1778 Giles Mattox was indicted in Sussex Co., NJ.  In 1784, Giles Mattox was involved in a lawsuit there.  Giles Mattax was in the 1793 tax list of New Town, Sussex Co., NJ, along with Samuel & Michael.  I am uncertain if that Giles  is Samuel’s father or son


This family was United Brethren (Moravians), a religion which was fairly popular in the Netherlands, and earlier in Germany.



Generation 1



b.         c. 1742

m.        c. 1767 Mary Schouwers, NJ

d.         1807 Sussex Co, NJ




A1       Catherine Mattix, b. 1768  Sussex Co., NJ. 1790 Daniel Culver, NJ; d.c. 1849 Parke Co, IN

A2       Samuel Mattix, b.c. 1773 Sussex Co., NJ, m. 1801 Eleanor Vannatter, d. 1827 Butler C., OH

A3       Michael Mattix, b. 1775 Sussex Co., NJ, m. 1795 Mary Rutan, d. 1853 Butler Co., OH

A4       JOHN MATTIX, b.c. 1776  (see B below)

A5       James Mattix, b.c. 1781 Sussex Co., NJ, m. 1813 Mary Wright, NJ or OH, d. 1859 Clinton Co., IN

A6       William Mattix, b.c. 1782 Sussex Co., NJ; d.c. 1814 in War of 1812, Lake Erie (NY or Canada)

A7       MARY ANN MATTIX, b.c. 1783 Sussex Co., NJ;  m. 1803 Aaron VanNatta, NJ; d.c.1840 Butler Co, OH

A8       Jacob Mattix, b.c. 1787 Sussex Co., NJ, m. 1807 Catherine Paddock, NJ or OH, d. 1859 Sullivan Co., IN

A9       Abraham Mattix, b.c. 1787 Sussex Co., NJ, m. 1816 Elizabeth Barnes, d. 1841 Butler Co., OH

A10     David Mattix, b. 1792 Sussex Co., NJ, m. 1821 Effie Rutlan, Preble Co., OH, d. 1866 Butler Co., OH

A11     Isaac Mattix, b.c. 1792 Sussex Co., NJ, m. 1824 Nancy A. VanNatta, Butler Co., OH, d. 1864 Tippecanoe Co., IN

A12     Giles Mattix, b.c. 1798 Sussex Co., NJ, m. 1817 Mary Cornelison, Butler Co., OH, d. 1864 Clinton Co., IN


Generation 2


B         JOHN MATTIX (same as A4 above)1

b.         c. 1776 Sussex Co., NJ

m.        1801 Anne Greer, Sussex Co., NJ

d.         1837 Clinton Co., IN




B1       JOSEPH GREER MATTIX, b. 1803 (see C below)

B2       Jacob Mattix, b.c. 1807 (see CC below) 

B3        Jane Mattix, b. 1813 Butler Co., OH, m. 1829 John Miller, Butler Co., OH, d. 1892 Clinton Co., IN

B4       Ira Mattix, b. 1814 (see CCC below)

B5       Robert Mattix, b. 1819 (see CCCC below)

B6        Elizabeth Mattix, b. 1820 Butler Co., OH, m. 1842 John W. Campbell, Clinton Co., IN; d. 1844 Clinton Co., IN


Generation 3


C         JOSEPH GREER MATTIX (same as B1 above)2

b.         1799 Sussex Co., NJ

m.        1833 Mary Mitchell, Butler Co., OH

d.         c. 1868 Kosciusko Co., IN




C1       Mary J. Mattix, b. 1833 Koskiusko Co., IN
C2       John Mattix, b. 1836 (see D below)

C3       Samuel Mattix, b. 1838 Koskiusko Co., IN

C4       Giles Mattix, b. 1840 Koskiusko Co., IN

C5       Robert Mattix, b. 1841 (see DD below)

C6       ANDREW MATTIX, b. 1844 (see DDD below)

C7       Ira Mattix, b. 1849 Koskiusko Co., IN

C8       Simeon Mattix, b. 1851 (see DDDD below)


CC       Jacob Mattix (same as B2 above) (see also documentation below)

b.         c. 1807 Sussex Co., NJ

m.        1827 Jane A. Lewis, Butler Co., OH

d.         c. 1842 Tippecanoe Co., IN




CC1     Elizabeth Mattix, b.c. 1828 IN

CC2     Ira Mattix, b.c. 1830 (see D5 below)


CCC    Ira Mattix (same as B4 above)

b.         1814 Butler Co., OH

m.        1841 Rachel Short, Clinton Co., IN

d.         1852 Clinton Co., IN




CCC1  Alfred Mattix, b. 1843 Clinton Co., IN, m. 1872 Sharlotta E. Heath, Clinton Co., IN, d. 1907 Clinton Co., IN

CCC2  Christina A. Mattix, b.c. 1845 Clinton Co., IN

CCC3  George Robert Greer Mattic, b.c. 1847 Clinton Co., IN, m. 1875 Isabella S. Reichard, Clinton Co., IN, d. aft. 1880


C4        Robert Mattix (same as B6 above)

b.         1819 Butler Co., OH

m.        1844 Phoebe Cornelison, Clinton Co., IN

d.         1890 Clinton Co., IN


C41      Anne E. Mattix, b.c. 1845 Clinton Co., IN

C42      Timothy Mattix, b.c. 1848 Clinton Co., IN

C43      Rachel J. Mattix, b.c. 1851 Clinton Co., IN

C44      Jesse Mattix, b.c. 1854 Clinton Co., IN

C45      John Mattix, b.c. 1857 Clinton Co., IN

C46      Phoebe E. Mattix, b. 1859 Clinton Co., IN

C47      Alfred Mattix, b. 1862 Clinton Co., IN

C48      Larilla B. Mattix, b.c. 1865 Clinton Co., IN


Generation 4


D         John Mattix (same as C2 above)

b.         1836 Koskiusko Co., IN

m.        c. 1859 Mary Ann ____, IN





D1       George Mattix, b. 1860 (see E below)

D2       Maggie Mattix, b. 1862 Kosciusko Co., IN

D3       Mary Jane Mattix, b. 1867 Kosciusko Co., IN

D4       John Mattix, b. 1873 Kosciusko Co., IN

D5       Sarah Mattix, b. 1876 Kosciusko Co., IN


DD      Robert Mattix (same as C5 above)

b.         1841 Koskiusko Co., IN

m.        c. 1879 Sarah ___, IN

d.         Aft. 1910 Koskiusko Co., IN




DD1    Homer Mattix, b. 1879 (see EE below)

DD2     Minnie Mattix, b. 1881 Koskiusko Co., IN

DD3     Arthur Mattix, b. 1885 Koskiusko Co., IN

DD4     Arthur Mattix, b. 1885 Koskiusko Co., IN

DD5     Lawrence Mattix, b. 1889 Koskiusko Co., IN

DD6     Shirley (male) Mattix, b. 1892 Koskiusko Co., IN


DDD   ANDREW MATTIX (same as C6 above)

b.         1844 Koskiusko Co., IN

m.        c. 1881 Celia _________, IN





DDD1  Bertha Mattix, b. 1880 Koskiusko Co., IN

DDD2  Effie Mattix, b. 1882 Koskiusko Co., IN

DDD3  Ivan Mattix, b. 1889 Koskiusko Co., IN

DDD4  Orville Mattix, b. 1896 Koskiusko Co., IN


D4        Simeon Mattix (same as C8 above)

b.         1851 Koskiusko Co., IN

m.        c. 1883 Elizabeth ____, IN





D41      Delpha Mattix, b. 1884 Koskiusko Co., IN

D42      Arthur Mattix, b. 1886 Koskiusko Co., IN

D43      Halie (male) Mattix, b. 1888 Koskiusko Co., IN

D45      Blanch Mattix, b. 1897 Koskiusko Co., IN


D5        Ira Mattix (same as CC2 above) (see also documentation below)

b.         c. 1834  IN

m.        1855 Eliza A. Vance, Clinton Co., IN

d.         Aft. 1880




D51      Wilson V. Mattix, b. 1862

D52      Ella J. Mattix, b. 1864

D53      John L. Mattix, b. 1857

D54      Ettie B. Mattix, b. 1859

D55      Nathan Wilson Mattix, b. 1863, m. 1890 Anna E. McCurdy (see also documentation below)

D56      Eliza J. Mattix, b. 1858


Generation 5


E          George Mattix (same as D1 above)

b.         1860 Kosciusko Co., IN

m.        c. 1889 Alice _________, IN

d.         Aft. 1910




E1        Charlie Mattix, b. 1890 Kosciusko Co., IN

E2        Lester Mattix, b., 1892 Kosciusko Co., IN

E3        Rosa Mattix, b. 1895 Kosciusko Co., IN


EE       Homer Mattix (same as DD1 above)

b.         1879 Koskiusko Co., IN

m.        c. 1898 Frileeni _____, IN





EE1      Roy Mattix, b. 1899 Kosciusko Co., IN





1Paternity Documentation Samuel to John:  1807 Sussex Co., NJ, will of Samuel.

2Paternity Documentation John to Joseph Greer: List of John’s children provided by Nathan Wilson Mattix, whose Grandfather Jacob (CC above) was Joseph Greer’s brother.

3Paternity Documentation Joseph Greer to Andrew: 1850 census Kosciusko Co., IN



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