b.c. 1760


With probable father Alexander



Generation 1



b.†††††††† 1693 Somerset Co., MD

m.††††††† Elizabeth ___

d.†††††††† c. 1768 Somerset Co., MD




A1†††††† Alexander Maddux, b.c. 1738 Somerset Co., MD

A2†††††† Hezekiah Maddux, b.c. 1740 Somerset Co., MD

A3†††††† William Maddux, b.c. 1742 Somerset Co., MD
A4†††††† Zephaniah Maddux, b.c. 1746 Somerset Co., MD

A5†††††† Zachariah Maddux, b.c. 1746 Somerset Co., MD, d. 1828 Gwinnett Co., GA (see his pedigree chart as a branch of Alexander on this website)

A6†††††† Elizabeth Maddux, b.c. 1748 Somerset Co., MD

A7†††††† Jenny Maddux, b.c. 1752 Somerset Co., MD

A8†††††† Sarah Maddux, b.c. 1754 Somerset Co., MD

A9†††††† JOSEPH MADDUX, b.c. 1756 (see B below)




Generation 2


B.††††††† JOSEPH MADDUX (same as A9 above)2††

b.†††††††† c. 1756

m.††††††† 1784 Comfort Wingate, Somerset Co., MD

d.†††††††† 1823 Putnam Co., GA




B1†††††† John Maddux, b. 1785 (see C below)

B2†††††† William Maddux, b. 1787 (see CC below)

B3†††††† LEAH MADDUX, b.c. 1790 Greene Co., GA, m. 1809 John Harper, Putnam Co., GA

B4††††††† JosephMaddux, b.c. 1792 Greene Co., GA

B5††††††† Tabitha Maddux, b.c. 1794 Hancock Co., GA, m. 1st 1818 John Weems, Putnam Co., GA, 2nd 1828 Josiah E. Nunnally, Pike Co., GA

B6††††††† James Maddux, b.c. 1796 Hancock Co., GA

B7††††††† Elizabeth Maddux b. 1799 Hancock Co., GA, m. 1815 William Simmons, Putnam Co., GA

B8††††††† Ritty/Exy Maddux, bc 1798 Hancock Co, GA, m.1822 William S. Robertson/Robinson, Putnam Co, GA

B9††††††† Achah Maddux, b.c. 1800 Hancock Co., GA

B10††††† Rebecca Maddux, b.c. 1802 Hancock Co., GA, m. Allan Simmons bef. 1823.

B11††††† Meshack Maddux, b.c. 1804 Hancock Co., GA††††††††††


Generation 3


C†††††††† John Maddux (same as B1 above)

b.†††††††† 1787 MD

m.††††††† 1806 Sarah Betts, Hancock Co., GA





C1†††††† Abraham Betts Maddux, b.c. 1808 (see D below)

C2†††††† Emory Milledge Maddux, b.c. 1810 (see DD below)

C3†††††† James Lovett Maddux, b.c. 1812 Hancock Co., GA

C4†††††† William Dixon Maddux, b. 1814 Hancock Co., GA

C5†††††† Comfort Maddux, b.c. 1816 Hancock Co., GA

C6†††††† John C. Maddux, b.c. 1818 Hancock Co., GA

C7†††††† Sarah Maddux, b.c. 1820 Hancock Co., GA

C9†††††† Simeon Maddux, b.c. 1822 (see DDD below)

C10†††† Meshack Ashburn Maddux, b.c. 1824 (see D4 below)

C11†††† Nancy Maddux, b.c. 1826 Hancock Co., GA

C12†††† Amelia Maddux, b.c. 1828 Hancock Co., GA


CC†††††† William Maddux (same as B2 above)

b.†††††††† b. 1787 MD

m.††††††† 1812 Sarah Favour, Putnam Co., GA

d.†††††††† 1855 Putnam Co., GA




CC1†††† Nancy Maddux, b.c. 1813 Putnam Co., GA, m. 1837 William R. Britt, Putnam Co., GA

CC2†††† Permelia Adeline Maddux, b.c. 1815 Putnam Co., GA, m. William G. Flake

CC3†††† William C. Maddux, b.c. 1817 Putnam Co., GA

CC4†††† James M. Maddux, b.c. 1827 Putnam Co., GA

CC5†††† Sarah C. Maddux, b.c. 1829 Putnam Co., GA

CC6†††† John Z. Maddux b.c. 1831 Putnam Co., GA

CC7†††† Elizabeth Ann Maddux, b.c. 1833 Putnam Co., GA



Generation 4


D†††††††† Abraham Betts Maddux (same as C1 above)

b.†††††††† c. 1808 Putnam Co., GA

m.††††††† 1834 Bethiah McClendon, Jasper Co., GA

d.†††††††† Aft. 1880




D1†††††† John W. Maddux, b.c. 1835 GA

D2†††††† Emory M. Maddux, b.c. 1837 GA

D3†††††† Sarah Ellen Maddux, b.c. 1839 GA


DD††††† Emory Milledge Maddux (same as C2 above)

b.†††††††† 1810 Putnam Co., GA

m.††††††† 1837 Rebecca R. Crawford, Jasper Co., GA

d.†††††††† 1871 Butts Co., GA




DD1†††† James Crawford Maddux, b. 1838 Jasper Co., GA

DD2†††† Sarah Elizabeth Maddux, b. 1840 Jasper Co., GA

DD3†††† John Courtney Maddux, b. 1842 Jasper Co., GA

DD4†††† Mary Louisa Maddux, b. 1843 Jasper Co., GA

DD5†††† Missouri Caroline Maddux, b. 1846 Jasper Co., GA

DD6†††† Charles Wesley Fletcher Maddux, b. 1849 Jasper Co., GA

DD7†††† Margaret Jane Maddux, b. 1851 Jasper Co., GA

DD8†††† Lucy Frances Maddux, b. 1853 Butts Co., GA

DD9†††† Samuel Emery Maddux, b. 1856 Butts Co., GA


DDD†† Simeon H. Maddux (same as C9 above)

b.†††††††† 1822 Hancock Co., GA

m.††††††† 1850 Martha E. Ellis, Jasper Co., GA

d.†††††††† 1908, GA




DDD1Sarah Eugenia Maddux, b. 1851 Jasper Co., GA

DDD2Phoebe A. Maddux, b.c. 1854 Jasper Co., GA

DDD3Lucy E. Maddux, b.c. 1857 Henry Co., GA

DDD4John E. Maddux, b.c. 1860 Jasper Co., GA

DDD5Thomas Edgar Maddux, b. 1863 Jasper Co., GA

DDD6Minnie C. Maddux, b. 1870 Jasper Co., GA


D4††††††† Meshack Ashburn Maddux (same as C10 above)

b.†††††††† c. 1824 Hancock County, GA

m.††††††† 1850 Nancy A. Pennington, Jasper Co., GA

d.†††††††† 1881 Monroe Co., GA




D41††††† Thaddeus Bowen Maddux, b.c. 1851 Monroe Co., GA

D42††††† William F. Maddux, b.c. 1853 Monroe Co., GA

D43††††† Mary E. Maddux, b.c. 1855 Monroe Co., GA

D44††††† John Maddux, b.c. 1857 Monroe Co., GA

D45††††† James Arinimus Maddux, b.c. 1859 Monroe Co., GA

D46††††† Robert Dixon Maddux, b.c. 1861 Monroe Co., GA




1Paternity Documentation Alexander to Joseph:Joseph is listed in the will of Alexander 1658 Somerset Co., MD, along with Zechariah who died 1825 Gwinnett Co., GA.(See Zachariahís pedigree chart on this website as a descendant of Alexander b. 1613.)William Maddux received a grant of 260 a. in Greene Co., GA, 1786, with chain bearers being Joseph & Alexander Maddox Jr.William and Alexander Jr. are also listed in the will of Alexander 1658 Somerset Co., MD.1794, Joseph & wife Comfort of Hancock Co., GA, sold land that had been part of the tract granted to William Maddux, Sr.Joseph was taxed in Hancock Co., GA, in 1795.


2Paternity Documentation Joseph to John:John, listed as son of Joseph in estate settlement, was b. 1787 eastern shore of MD per 1889 interview-bio of Johnís son, W.D. Maddux in Biographical Souvenir of the States of Georgia and Florida, Chicago, F.A. Battey & Co., 1889.

2Paternity Documentation Joseph to Leah:Estate settlement of Joseph (WB B, Folio 7) Putnam Co., GA, and marriage license of Leah to John Harper 1809 Putnam Co., GA.



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