b. 1823


Through speculated father Michael, son of David


Elderly people in the 1850 census, Lincoln Co., TN, were Arthur b.1798 VA, Ruth b. 1800 NC, David b. 1780 NC, Molly b. 1780 NC.

Other heads of household were Daniel b. 1823, William b. 1820, Rebecca b. 1820, Amelia b. 1820, Thomas b. 1810.  See further in footnote 1


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Generation 1



b.         1790 Chatham Co., NC

m.        c. 1814 Ruth Byran, Chatham Co., NC

d.         1831 Lincoln Co., TN




A1       David Mattox, b. 1815 Chatham Co., NC, m. 1837 Sarah A. Ford, Lincoln Co., TN, d. 1904 Itawamba Co., MS

A2       Reddin B. Mattox, b. 1817 Chatham Co., NC, m. 1841 Susanna F. Reeves, Lincoln Co., TN, d. after 1880 Carroll Co., AR

A3       Evaline Mattox, b.c. 1819 Chatham Co., NC

A4       Mahaly Matox, b.c. 1821 Chatham Co., NC

A5       WILLIAM JEFFERSON MATTOX, b. 1823 (see B below)

A6       John Calvin Mattox, b. 1824 Chatham Co., NC, m. 1849 Tabitha J. Davis, Lincoln Co., TN, d. 1902 Idaho Co., ID

A7       Mary C. Mattox, b.c. 1826 Chatham Co., NC

A8       Sarah W. Mattox, b. 1829 Chatham Co., NC, m. 1844 William W. Carpenter, Lincoln Co., TN, d. 1866 Carroll Co., AR


Generation 2


B.        WILLIAM JEFFERSON MATTOX (same as D5 above)2

b.         1823 Chatham Co., NC

m.        1st 1847 Martha Lee, Lincoln Co., TN

d.         1900 Carroll Co., AR




B1        David Pinkley Mattox, b. 1849 Lincoln Co., TN, m. 1873 Emily Ceary

B2       James Redden Mattox, b.c. 1851 (see C below)

B3        Sarah L. Mattox, b. 1852 Lincoln Co., TN, m. 1868 William S. Gaddy, Carroll Co., AR, d. 1875

B4       John Wesley Mattox, b. 1854 (see CC below)

B5        Daniel G. Mattox, b. 1859 Carroll Co., AR, m. 1879 Sallie Rex, d.c. 1900 OK

B6        William S. Mattox, b.c. 1861 Carroll Co., AR, m. Sally A. Austin

B7        Martha Ellen Mattox, b. 1863 Carroll Co., AR, m. 1883 Daniel L. Moore Carroll Co., AR, d. 1904 Carroll Co., AR

B8       CAS NATHANIEL MATTOX, b. 1872 (see CC below)


m.        2nd 1882, Mary Runnells, Carroll Co., AR


B9        Charley Jefferson Mattox, b. 1885 Carroll Co., AR


Generation 3


C         James Reddin Mattox (same as B2 above)

b.         1852 Lincoln Co., TN

m.        1870 Mary F. Gaddy, Carroll Co., AR

d.         1928 Cleveland Co., OK




C1       Alvaney Mattox, b. 1872 Carroll Co., AR

C2       Josephine Ellen Mattox, b. 1875 Carroll Co., AR

C3       Sephus F. Mattox, b. 1876 Carroll Co., AR

C4       William Earnest Mattox, b. 1877 Carroll Co., AR


CC       John Wesley Mattox (same as B4 above)

b.         1854 Carroll Co., AR

m.        1874 Mary S. Myers, Carroll Co., AR

d.         1900 Pulaski Co., AR




CC1     Archie S. Mattox, b. 1875 Carroll Co., AR

CC2     Lisa D. Mattox, b.c. 1877 Carroll Co., AR

CC3     Dora Mattox, b.c. 1879 Carroll Co., AR

CC4     Johnnie Mattox, b.c. 1881 Carroll Co., AR

CC5     Annie Mattox, b.c. 1883 Carroll Co., AR

CC6     Lou Mattox, b.c. 1885 Carroll Co., AR



CCC.   CAS NATHANIEL MATTOX (same as E8 above)3

b.         1872 Carroll Co., AR

m.        1896 Nancy A. Youngblood, Carroll Co., AR

d.         1955 Boone Co., AR




CCC1  William S. Mattox, b. 1896 Carroll Co., AR

CCC2  ALBERT DANIEL MATTOX, b. 1899 Carroll Co., AR, m. 1923 Nella M. Rogers, Boone Co., AR, d. 1981 Lawrence Co., MO

CCC3  Infant Mattox, b. 1902 Carroll Co., AR, d. 1902 Carroll Co., AR

CCC4  Sarah Almeda Mattox, b. 1904 Carroll Co., AR, m. 1st 1895 Riley Slavens, m. 2nd 1904 John A. Proctor, Carroll Co., AR, d. 1976 Greene Co., MO





1Paternity Documentation Michael to William Jefferson:  Circumstantial only.  (DoB & DoD from grave marker in Gill Cemetery near Leatherwood Creek, Lincoln Co., TN,  Speculated widow Ruth found in census 1840 & 1850 Lincoln Co., TN, and 1860 & 1870 census Carroll Co., AR.  No proof of marriage to Ruth in license, deeds, or estate settlement.  Rumor of paper in a Bible belonging to descendant of John Calvin (Frank Halford of Grangeville, ID) unverified; copyright date of Bible unverified. 


A-Ruth in 1850 census Lincoln Co., TN, age 50 b. NC.  Is in 1860 Carroll Co., AR, as Ruthy, age 64, b. NC.  Is in 1870 Carroll Co., AR, as Routha age 76 b. NC

A1-Son David not in Lincoln Co., TN, census 1850.

A2-Son Reddin B. not in Lincoln Co., TN, census 1850 (age 33).  Is in 1860 Carroll Co., AR, age 43 b. NC.  Is in 1870 Carroll Co., AR, age 52 b. NC

A5-Son William J. in Lincoln Co., TN, census 1850 age 30.  Not in 1860 Carroll Co., AR.  Is in 1870 Carroll Co., AR, age 48, b. NC

A6-Son John C. in Lincoln Co., TN, census 1850 age 26; with him is Ruth, 50, b. NC.  Is in 1860 Carroll Co., AR, age 36 b. NC.  Is in 1870 Carroll Co., AR, age 45 b. NC


2Paternity Documentation William Jefferson to Cas Nathaniel:  1880 census, Carroll Co., AR

3Paternity Documentation Cas Nathaniel to Albert:  1900 census, Carroll Co., AR



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