B.C. 1797


With Speculated father, Nathaniel


Nathanielís family had connections with Adams Co., OH, where probable son Abraham (b. 1797) married.Most, if not all, of the Maddoxes in Adams Co. had connections with Nathan Maddox of Bedford Co., VA.Was my Nathaniel named after him?A DNA test will give solid evidence that this is probably the case.


Nathaniel Maddox was with Dennis Maddox in the 1810 census of Greenup (later Carter) Co., KY, same age category.Dennis Maddox had been in Livingston Co., KY, in 1800.In 1840 Livingston Co., KY, was Revolutionary War veteran, Nathaniel Maddox.Was this the father of my probable ancestor Nathaniel b.c. 1775?



Generation 1



b.†††††††† c. 1775

m.††††††† Mary _____

d.†††††††† After 1830 KY




A1††††† ABRAHAM MADDOX, b. 1797 (see B below)

A2†††††† Nathaniel Maddox, b. 1794 Madison Co., KY, m. Susannah Holland, d. 1858 Madison Co., KY


Generation 2


B†††††††† ABRAHAM MADDOX (same as A1 above)2

b.†††††††† 1797 Madison Co., KY

m.††††††† 1816 Mary Crone, Adams Co., OH

d.†††††††† Aft. 1860, Carter Co., KY




B1†††††† WILLIAM MADDIX, b. 1817 (see C below)

B2†††††† John H. Maddix, b. 1820 (see CC below)

B3††††††† Rachael Maddix, b. 1824 Greenup/Carter Co., KY, m. Tommy Gilbert, d. 1901

B4†††††† Cyrus Grimes Maddox, b. 1827 (see CCC below)

B5††††††† Elizabeth Martha Maddix, b. 1830 Greenup/Carter Co., KY, m. 1847 Bailey Lowe, d. 1906


Generation 3


C†††††††† WILLIAM MADDIX (same as B1 above)3

b.†††††††† 1817 Greenup/Carter Co., KY

m.††††††† c. 1841 Eliza B. Neville

d.†††††††† 1879 Carter Co., KY




C1†††††† JOHN WESLEY MADDIX, b.c. 1842 (see D below)

C2†††††† Elizabeth C. Maddix, b.c. 1844 Carter Co., KY, m. John C. Bailey, d. 1912

C3†††††† William Lafayette Maddix, b.c. 1847 Carter Co., KY, m. 1868 Eliza B. Newell

C4†††††† Abraham Maddix, b. 1848 Carter Co., KY, m. 1868 Disa Hayes, d. 1919 Carter Co., KY

C5†††††† Perry Maddix, b. 1852 Carter Co., KY, m. Margaret A. Huntsman, d. 1918 Carter Co., KY

C6†††††† Frank Maddix, b.c. 1854 Carter Co., KY


CC†††††† John H. Maddix (same as B2 above)

b.†††††††† 1820 Greenup/Carter Co., KY

m.††††††† Eliza Pope

d.†††††††† 1909 Carter Co., KY


CC1†††† Mary Maddox, b. 1847 Carter Co., KY

CC2†††† Lewis Maddox, b. 1853 Carter Co., KY

CC3†††† Cyrus Maddox, b. 1860 Carter Co., KY

CC4†††† Teresa Maddox , b. 1865 Carter Co., KY

CC5†††† Rebecca Maddox, b. 1866 Carter Co., KY


CCC††† Cyrus Grimes Maddox (same as B4 above)

b.†††††††† 1827 Greenup/Carter Co., KY

m.††††††† Rachel Wallace





CCC1Frances Maddox, b. 1849 Carter Co., KY

CCC2Abraham Maddox, b. 1852 Carter Co., KY

CCC3John A. Maddox, b. 1854 Carter Co., KY

CCC4Christopher Maddox, b. 1857 Carter Co., KY

CCC5Thomas Maddox, b. 1861 Carter Co., KY

CCC6Mary Maddox, b. 1864 Carter Co., KY

CCC7William Maddox, b. 1866 Carter Co., KY

CCC8Jasper Maddox, b. 1867 Carter Co., KY


Generation 4


D†††††††† JOHN WESLEY MADDIX (same as C1 above)4

b.†††††††† 1842 Carter Co., KY

m.††††††† 1865 Mary E. Pope, Carter Co., KY

d.†††††††† After 1880




D1†††††† CHARLES WILLIAM MADDIX, b. 1871 (see E below)

D2†††††† Louesa Maddix, b. 1867 Carter Co., KY

D3†††††† Eliza Ann Maddix, b. 1869 Carter Co., KY

D4†††††† Charles W. Maddix, b. 1871 Carter Co., KY

D5†††††† Hugh Maddix, b. 1873 Carter Co., KY


Generation 5


E††††††††† CHARLES WILLIAM MADDIX (same as D1 above)5

b.†††††††† 1871 Carter Co., KY

m.††††††† c. 1892 Fannie E. Howard

d.†††††††† 1953 Mackinac Co., MI




E1††††††† James Lewis Maddix, b. 1893 Greenup Co., KY, m. 1st Anna Latondress, 2nd 1913 Sarah Wills, Charlevoix Co., MI

E2††††††† Dolly Maddix, b. 1895 Greenup Co., KY, m. 1st Roy Bowman, m. 2nd Louis Crosby

E3††††††† Bess (Nuvesta?) Maddix, b. 1897 Greenup Co., KY, m. 1st Wilbur Nelson, 2nd Carrol Swanson

E4††††††† FRANK JOHN MADDOX, b. `1899 Greenup Co., KY, m. Caroline M. CeRousha, d. 1953 Mackinac Co., MI

E5††††††† Charles Maddix, b.c. 1901 Kalkaska Co., MI

E6††††††† Julia Maddix, b.c. 1903 Kalkaska Co., MI, m. Kerrage

E7††††††† Lulu Maddix, b.c. 1905 Kalkaska Co., MI, m. Ben Wiggins

E8††††††† Florence Maddix, b.c. 1907 Kalkaska Co., MI, m. Ralph Johnson

E9††††††† Effie Maddix, b.c. 1909 Kalkaska Co., MI, m. Arthur Trombley




1Paternity Documentation Nathaniel to Abraham:Circumstantial.Living by each other in 1830 census Greenup/Carter Co., KY, right age to be father and son

2Paternity Documentation Abraham to William:Strong circumstantial.In 1860 census of Carter Co., KY, Abraham in HH 1154, son Cyrus in HH 1155, son William in HH 1156, son John in HH 1157.William named a son Abraham.I believe the courthouse has estate settlement documentation stating William was a son.

3Paternity Documentation William to John:1860 census Carter Co., KY

4Paternity Documentation John to Charles:1880 census Carter Co., KY

5Paternity Documentation Charles to Frank:1900 census Greenup Co., KY



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