b. 1831 GA


1840 census of Hall Co., GA, shows Henery Madox b. 1801-10.

1830 census of Hall Co., GA, shows Edward Maddox b. 1761-70

1820 census of GA, neither Henry or Edward

1820 census Rowan Co., NC, shows Edward Maddox b. 1774 or bef.

1810 census of Rutherford Co., NC, shows Edward b. 1766-84

and John Matton/x b. 1765 or before

1800 census of Onslow Co., NC, shows John Mattocks, b. 1755-1774


Therefore, it is believed that Seabornís father was Henry and grandfather was Edward.Possibly his great grandfather was John.†† (There was, however, a Robert Maddox, b. 1810, living 43 houses away from Seaborn in 1870 census of Hall Co., GA.He is there in 1860, age 45, but we cannot find him before.


Because there are Seaborns in the family of Claiborne Maddox (DNA kit 32403) b. 1786 Jackson Co., GA, and the family of Jackson Maddox b. 1840 Clarke Co., GA ~ both on this website ~ it is believed they are all related.


Generation 1



b.†††††††† 1831 Hall Co., GA

m.††††††† c. 1852 Nancy A. _____

d.†††††††† Aft. 1863 Hall Co., GA




A1†††††† Sarah A. Maddox, b. 1851 Hall Co., GA

A2†††††† Martha C. Maddox, b. 1853 Hall Co., GA

A3†††††† Mary J. Maddox, b. 1855 Hall Co., GA

A4†††††† SEABORN HARRISON MADDOX b. 1863 (see B below)


Generation 2



b.†††††††† 1863 Hall Co., GA

m.††††††† 1884 Synthaanna A. Cooper, Hall Co., GA

d.†††††††† 1899 Hall Co., GA




B1††††††† Ida Maddox, b. 1886 Hall Co., GA

B2†††††† HARRISON TALMADGE MADDOX, b. 1888 (see C below)

B3††††††† Walter Maddox, b. 1890 Hall Co., GA

B4††††††† Scott Maddox, b. 1891 Hall Co., GA

B5††††††† Lusus Maddox, b. 1896 Hall Co., GA

B6††††††† Ethel Maddox, b. 1899 Hall Co., GA

B7††††††† Beulah C. Maddox, b. 1899 Hall Co., GA, d. 1993 Hall Co., GA


Generation 3



b.†††††††† 1888 Hall Co., GA

m.††††††† 1909 Hester E. Roberts, Jackson Co., GA

d.†††††††† 1955 Jackson Co., GA





1Paternity Documentation Seaborn to Seaborn H:1850 census Hall Co., GA, giving Seaborn Srís full name.1860 and 1870 census Hall Co., GA, showing same older siblings & mother in 1850 that he had after birth in 1863.Father apparently died after 1863.


2Paternity Documentation Seaborn H. to Harrison T:1900 census Hall Co., GA and marriage license



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