b. 1769 VA


Family Bible belonging to a relative of this researcher in Washington State refers to

Posey Mattox and son Alexander R. Mattox,

and also lists David Mattox and wife Sally Hail and that the latter moved to Oglethorpe Co., GA.


Posey could be related to Nathan Maddox of Bedford Co., VA, or Valentine Mattox of that same county.


Generation 1


A         POSEY MATTOX -1

b.         1769 VA

m.        1802 Mahala H. McClain Bedford Co., VA

d.         1846 Parke Co., IN




A1       Mary F. Mattox, b. 1803 Bedford Co., VA

A2       Rachel J. Mattox, b.c. 1807 Bedford Co., VA

A3       Sarah Mattox, b. 1812 Bedford Co., VA

A4       ALEXANDER REED MATTOX b. 1814 (See B below)

A5       Frances Mattox, b. 1816 Bedford Co., VA

A6       Rebecca S. Mattox, b. 1822 Shelby Co., KY

A7       Jesse Matticks b. 1826 (see BB below)

A8       Mahala Mattox, b. 1830 Shelby Co., KY

A9       Pleasant Mattox b.c. 1833 Shelby Co., KY



b.       1783 Bedford co., VA

m.      1806 Sally Hail, Bedford Co., VA

d.       1856 Oglethorpe Co., GA




AA1     Nathan Mattox, b. 1807 (see BBB below)

AA2     John W. Mattox, b. 1809 Elbert Co., GA

AA3     Henry P. Mattox, b. 1811 (see BBBB below)

AA4     Elizabeth Mattox, b. 1813 Elbert Co., GA

AA5     William D. Mattox, b. 1816 Elbert Co., GA

AA6     Mary V. Mattox, b. 1819 Elbert Co., GA

AA7     Sarah P. Mattox, b. 1822 Elbert Co., GA

AA8     Michael G. W. Mattox b. 1825 (see B5below)

AA9     Lucy J. Mattox, b. 1828 Elbert Co., GA

AA10   James C. Mattox, b. 1830 Elbert Co., GA


Generation 2


B.        ALEXANDER REED MATTOX (same as A4 above) 2

b.         1814 Bedford Co., VA

m.        1825 Sarah R. Floyd, KY

d.         1901 Pottawattamie Co., IA




B1       William P. Mattox, b. 1842 (see C below)

B2        Elizabeth Mattox, b. 1843 Greene Co., IN

B3        John Mattox, b. 1848 Greene Co., IN

B4       James A. Mattox, b. 1850 (see CC below)

B5        Lucinda Mattox, b. 1852 Greene Co., IN

B6        Susan Mattox, b. 1854 Greene Co., IN

B7       ALFRED ALEXANDER MATTOX b. 1856 (see CCC below)

B8        Martha Mattox b. 1858 Greene Co., IN

B9       Stephen A. Mattox, b. 1860 (see CCCC below)

B10      Franklin Mattox, b. 1861 Greene Co., IN

B11      Sarah E. Mattox, b. 1864 Greene Co., IN

B12      Jane Mattox, b.c. 1865 Greene Co., IN

B13      George Mattox, b. 1867 Greene Co., IN, d. aft. 1930 Pottawattami Co., IA

B14     Charles A. Mattox b. 1870 (see C5 below)

B15      Launza Mattox, b.c. 1873 IA


BB       Jesse Matticks (same as A7 above)

b          1826 Shelby Co., KY

m.        1843 Nancy J. Collings, Parke Co., IN

d.         1905 Vermillion Co., IL




BB1    Sarah F. Matticks, b. 1843 Parke Co., IN

BB2    Mary E. A. Matticks, b. 1844 Parke Co., IN

BB3    Jane Matticks, b. 1847 Parke Co., IN

BB4    Rebecca Matticks, b. 1853 Parke Co., IN

BB5    Paraba Matticks, b. 1856 Parke Co., IN

BB6    William P. Matticks, b. 1858 Parke Co., IN


BBB    NATHAN MATTOX (same as AA1 above)

b.         1807 Elbert Co., GA

m.        1826 Lucy Key, GA

d.         1862 Wilkes Co., GA




BBB1  Sarah M. Mattox, b. 1827 Elbert Co., GA

BBB2  Thomas J. Mattox, b. 1831 Elbert Co., GA

BBB3  John H. Mattox, b. 1834 GA

BBB4 William F. Mattox, b. 1838 (see C6 below)

BBB5  Martha K. Mattox, b.c. 1838 GA  

BBB6  Christopher H. Mattox, b. 1840 (see C7 below)

BBB7   Frank F. Mattox, b. 1843 Oglethorpe Co., GA

BBB8  Nathan M. Mattox, b. 1844 (see C8 below)

BBB9   Lucy Mattox, b. 1846 Oglethorpe Co., GA


B4        Henry P. Mattox (same as AA3 above)

b.         1811 Elbert Co., GA

m.        1833 Sophia Nunnalee, GA

d.         1893 Elbert Co., GA




B41      D. S. Mattox, b. 1832 Elbert Co., GA

B42      James D. Mattox, b. 1834 Elbert Co., GA

B43      William H. Mattox, b. 1836 (see C9 below)

B44      Zachariah H. C. Mattox, b. 1838 (see C10 below)


B5        Michael G. W. Mattox (same as AA8 above)

b.        1825 Elbert Co., GA

m.        Elizabeth J. Tarver

d.         1897 Oglethorpe Co., GA




B51      Sallie Mattox, b. 1856 Elbert Co., GA

B52      M. A. Tarver Mattox, b. 1857 Elbert Co., GA

B53      Georgia R. Mattox, b. 1859 Elbert Co., GA

B54      Celestra Mattox, b. 1862 Elbert Co., GA

B55      John R. Mattox, b. 1867 (see C11 below)

B56      Fannie J. R. Mattox, b. 1873 Elbert Co., GA

B57      Henry P. Mattox, b. 1873 Elbert Co., GA

B58      Lovelace D. Mattox, b. 1874 Elbert Co., GA


Generation 3


C.        William P. Mattox (same as B1 above)

b.         1842 Greene Co., IN

m.        Mary F.

d.         Aft. 1920, Custer Co., NE




C1       Sylvester Mattox, b.c. 1862 (see D below)

C2       Sarah Mattox, b.c. 1865 IN

C3       George Mattox, b.c. 1867 IN

C4       Annie Mattox, b.c. 1871 IN

C5       Maggie Mattox, b.c. 1872 IN

C6       Nancy Mattox, b.c. 1875 IN

C7       Lilley Mattox, b.c. 1877 IN

C8       Amanda Mattox, b. 1879 IN


CC       James A. Mattox (same as B4 above)

b.         1850 Greene Co., IN

m.        1875 Sarah A. Reel, Harrison Co., IA

d.         1925 Harrison Co., IA




CC1    Della Mattox, b. 1876 Harrison Co., IA

CC2    Bell J. Mattox, b.c. 1878 Harrison Co., IA

CC3    Edward Mattox, b. 1880 Harrison Co., IA


CCC   ALFRED ALEXANDER MATTOX (same as B7 above) -3

b.        1856 Vigo Co., IN

m.       1st Mary E. ____, IN

m.       2nd 1888 Anna E. Reeves, Harrison Co., IA

d.        1933 Clark Co., WA




CCC1  Joseph L. Mattox, b. 1889 NE

CCC2  Kona Mattox b. 1891 NE

CCC3  JOHN E. MATTOX, b. 1892 NE, d. 1973 Klickitat Co., WA

CCC4  Myrtle Mattox, b. 1894 NE

CCC5  William Mattox, b. 1896 NE

CCC6  Allie Mattox, b. 1899 NE

CCC7  Latitia Mattox, b. 1905 Clark Co., WA


C4        Stephen A. Mattox (same as B9 above)

b.        1860 IN

m.        1st 1884 Matilda Polzon

m.        2nd c. 1903 Araline __

d.         1939 Pottawattami Co., IA




C41      Lucinda Mattox, b. 1885 York Co., NE

C42      Jesse Mattox, b. 1889 York Co., NE

C43      Mildred Mattox, b. 1891 York Co., NE

C44      Jeanetta Mattox, b. 1893 York Co., NE

C45      Verne L. Mattox, b. 1895 York co., NE


C5        Charles A. Mattox (same as B14 above)

b.         1870 IA

m.        c. 1898 Frances __

d.         Aft. 1933 Pottawattami Co., IA


C51      Cal Mattox, b.c. 1900 Douglas Co., NE

C52      Howard S. Mattox, b. 1906 Douglas Co., NE

C53      Infant Mattox, b. 1909 Douglas Co., NE


C6        William F. Mattox (same as BBB4 above)

b.         1838 GA

m.        Mary Anna




C61     Georgia Mattox, b. 1861 GA

C62     Nathan F. Mattox, b. 1862 (see DD below)

C63     Mollie N. Mattox, b. 1864 GA

C64      John H. Mattox, b. 1866 GA

C65      Teedie Mattox, b.c. 1877 GA

C66      Mettro Mattox, b. 1868 GA

C67      Solomon Mattox, b. 1870 GA

C68      Texas Mattox, b.c. 1871 GA

C69      Myrtle Mattox, b.c. 1872 GA

C610   William B. K. Mattox, b. 1873 GA

C611   Fannie A. Mattox, b. 1875 GA

C612   Minnie G. Mattox, b. 1880 GA  


C7       Christopher H. Mattox (same as BBB6 above)

b.         1840 Oglethorpe Co., GA

m.        1863 Martha L. Bell



C71    Bell J. Mattox, b. 1864

C72    Polly S. Mattox, b. 1867

C73    Henry H. Mattox, b. 1869

C74    Fannie L. Mattox, b. 1875

C75    Robert L. Mattox, b. 1876

C76     Mourning E. Mattox, b. 1877

C77     Lucy K. Mattox, b. 1880

C78     George Mattox, b.c. 1882

C79    Zeddie Mattox, b.c. 1884

C710  Annie M. Mattox, b.c. 1886

C711  John A. Mattox, b. 1888

C712  James E. Mattox, b. 1891


C8       Nathan M. Mattox (same as BBB8 above)

b.         1844 Oglethorpe Co., GA

m.        1889 Susie Lee

d.         1923 Elbert Co., GA




C81    Marcus Mattox, b. 1889 GA

C82    Benjamin B. Mattox, b. 1894 GA

C83    Emory D. Mattox, b. 1897 GA

C84    Lolita R. Mattox, b. 1903 GA

C85    Walter C. Mattox, b. 1907 GA

C86    Twin brother Mattox, b. 1907 GA


C9     William Henry Mattox (same as B44 above)

b.       1836 Elbert co., GA

m.      Rebecca A. Walthall

d.       1900




C91    Singleton P. Mattox, b. 1860 (see DDD below)

C92    Sophia L. Mattox, b. 1866

C93    Clark M. Mattox, b. 1868 (see D4 below)

C94    Mary Sue Mattox, b. 1872

C95    Annie Lou Mattox, b. 1872

C96    Carrol A. Mattox, b. 1875

C97    Janie W. Mattox, b. 1879

C98    Lena Mattox, b.c. 1882

C99    Allen Mattox, b.c. 1885


C10       Zachariah H. C. Mattox (same as B44 above)

b.         1838 Elbert Co., GA

m.        1858 Frances J. Brawner

d.         1915




C101    Joseph H. Mattox, b. 1860 (see D5 below

C102    William C. Mattox, b. 1864 (see D6 below)

C103    Elizabeth N. Mattox, b. 1867 GA

C104    Mary A. Mattox, b. 1870 GA

C105    Clark Mattox b. 1877 (see D7 below)


C11     John R. Mattox (same as B55 above)

b.       1867 Elbert Co., GA

m.      Mary I. Tate

d.       1928




C111    Robert T. Mattox, b. 1890

C112    Hinton Mattox, b. 1892

C113    Ellen w. Mattox, b. 1894

C114    Elizabeth Mattox, b. 1896

C115    John R. Mattox, b. 1899

C116    Unknown Mattox, b.c. 1902

C117    Unknown Mattox, b.c. 1905


Generation 4


D         Sylvester Mattox (same as C1 above)

b.         c. 1862 IN

m.        1884 Sarah Hudsonpillar, Harrison Co., IA





D1       Willie E. Mattox, b. 1885 Harrison Co., IA

D2       Walter A. Mattox, b. 1887 Harrison Co., IA

D3       Hazel O. Mattox, b. 1889 Harrison Co., IA


DD     Nathan F. Mattox (same as C62 above)

b.         1862 GA

m.        Katie Smith





DD1    Nannie Mattox, b.c. 1866

DD2    William Mattox, b.c. 1868

DD3    Lucy Mattox, b.c. 1870

DD4    Samuel Mattox, b.c. 1872

DD5    Mary Mattox, b.c. 1874

DD6    Raymond Mattox, b.c. 1876

DD7    Katherine mattox, b.c. 1878


DDD   Singleton P. Mattox (same as C91 above)

b.         1860 GA

m.        1887 Annie Jones





DDD1  William Mattox, b. 1889

DDD2  Jessie R. mattox, b. 1891


D4        Clark M. Mattox (same as C93 above)

b.         1868 GA

m.         Sarah Jones

d.         1907




D41      Ruby S. Mattox, b. 1892

D42      Susie M. Mattox, b. 1897

D43      Clyde Mattox, b. 1899

D44      Jebitha Mattox, b. 1901

D45      Unknown Mattox, b.c. 1903


D5        Joseph H. Mattox (same as C101 above)

b.         1860 Elbert Co., GA

m.        Minnie L. Chandler

d.         1904 Hartsville, Unk. Co., GA




D51      New[ton?] P. Mattox, b. 1887 Elbert Co., GA

D52      Fanolive Mattox, b. 1898 Elbert Co., GA


D6        William C. Mattox (same as D102 above)

b.         1864 Elbert Co., GA

m.        Fannie J. R. Mattox





D61      George Mattox, b. 1896 GA


D7        Clark "Tobe" Mattox (same as D105 above)

b.         1877 Elbert Co., GA

m.        1898 Lizzie M. Chandler

d.         1947




D71      William H. Mattox, b. 1901

D72-4  Others still living




1Paternity Documentation Posey to Alexander R:  Parke Co., IN, Will Bk. One, pg. 201-203

2Paternity Documentation Alexander R. to Alfred A:  Parke Co., IN, 1860 Census

3Paternity Documentation alfred A. to John E:  Family Bible in possession of family member in Washington State


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