B. 1802 ME


It is believed by some that Nathaniel is the son of Nathaniel and grandson of Joshua Maddocks b. 1732, whose line has been traced back to Henry Maddocks b.c. 1640 ENG.


Nathaniel was in Waldo Co., ME in the 1850 census, age 48 (b. 1802 with son Bradley, etc.).In 1840 in Waldo Co., is a Nathaniel b. 1781-90 with another adult male in the household b. 1811-20 (Nathaniel Jr?).In 1830 Nathaniel Sr. is in Waldo Co. b. 1781-1790, with another adult male in the household b. 1801-10 (Nathaniel Jr). [Note census taker tallied wrong column in either 1830 or 1840; the 1830 census corresponds with 1850 dob.]


Waldo Co., ME, was formed 1827 from Hancock Co.The 1820 census of Hancock Co. shows the only and first Nathaniel in all of Maine at Ellsworth Twp, b. 1775-94.The 1810 census shows Joshua, the father/brother of all the Maddockses in Hancock Co., b. 1732.The 1800 census shows Joshua and two other Maddockses living in Union River Twp. up near the future Waldo and Penobscot counties.



Generation 1



b.†††††††† 1802 Hancock Co., ME

m.††††††† 1st c. 1825 Elizabeth Roberts

d.†††††††† 1861 Franklin Co., ME




A1†††††† BRADLEY BLACKSTONE MADDOCKS b. 1828 (see B below)

A2†††††† Luther Maddocks, b. 1830 Hancock/Waldo Co., ME


m.††††††† 2nd c. 1840 Jane ____


A3†††††† Nancy A. Maddocks, b. 1844 Waldo Co., ME



Generation 2


B.††††††† BRADLEY BLACKSTONE MADDOCKS (same as A1 above)2

b.†††††††† 1828 Hancock/Waldo Co., ME

m.††††††† 1859 Mary A.Matthews, Cascumpec, Prince Edward Island, Canada

d.†††††††† 1909 Sussex Co., MA




B1††††††† Clara A. Maddocks, b. 1861 Prince Co., Prince Edward Island, Canada, m. 1876 James C. MacKendrick, Prince Edward Island, Canada, d. 1957 Queens Co., Prince Edward Island, Canada

B2††††††† Emily A. Maddocks, b.c. 1863

B3††††††† Josephine E. Maddocks, b. 1866, Penobscot Co., ME, m. Allan Forsythe, d. 1941 Prince Edward Island, Canada

B4††††††† Meritt C. Maddocks, b.c. 1869

B5††††††† Howard Maddocks, b.c. 1872, d. Los Angeles, CA

B6††††††† Etta Maddocks, b.c. 1873

B7†††††† ALBERT F. MADDOCKS b. 1876 (see C below)

B8††††††† Thomas E. Maddocks, b.c. 1878, d. San Francisco, CA

B9††††††† Charles R. Maddocks, b. 1880

B10††††† Melvin F. Maddocks, b.c. 1883


Generation 3


C.††††††† ALBERT F. MADDOCKS (same as B7 above)3

b.†††††††† 1876 Campsbells Co., Prince Edward Island, Canada

m.††††††† 1896 Gertrude A. York, Cumberland Co., ME

d.†††††††† 1961 Plymouth Co., MA




C1†††††† Hazel G. Maddocks, b. 1897 Cumberland Co., ME, m. 1914 Edmond C. Archambault, d. 1987 Essex Co., MA

C2†††††† ROBERT B. MADDOCKS, b. 1898 (see D below)

C3†††††† Raymond F. Maddocks, b. 1900 Cumberland Co., ME, d. 1930

C4†††††† Marion E. Maddocks, b. 1902 Cumberland Co., ME

C5†††††† Melvin F. Maddocks, b. 1906 Cumberland Co., ME


Generation 4


D.††††††† ROBERT B. MADDOCKS (same as C2 above)

b.†††††††† 1898 Cumberland Co., ME

m.††††††† 1918 Ruby A. Eldredge

d.†††††††† 1986 Maricopa Co., AZ




1Paternity Documentation Nathaniel to Bradley:1850 census Waldo Co., ME, and Bradleyís Death Certificate

2Paternity Documentation Bradley to Albert:Albertís Death Certificate

3Paternity Documentation Albert to Robert:1910 census, Cumberland Co., ME, and Robertís death Certificate



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