b. 1789 VA


With speculated father Matthew


Matthew Maddux was active in the Cocke Co., TN, Big Pigeon Primitive Baptist Church in the mid to late 1700s and a Revolutionary War veteran from Virginia.  See footnote 1.


Generation 1



b.         c. 1750


d.         Cocke Co., TN?




A1       Matthew Maddux, b.c. 1784

A2       Adam Maddux, b.c. 1786 (see his pedigree chart on this website)

A3       (GEORGE) NATHANIEL MADDUX, b. 1789 VA (see B below)

A4       Joseph Maddux, b.c. 1792

A4       Schofield Maddox, b. 1796


                                                                                       Generation 2  


b.         1789 VA

m.        1st c. 1810 Ann (Mary Ann Tally?), div. 1821 Cocke Co., TN

m.        2nd 1821 Rebecca A. Parker/Howard, Cocke Co., TN

d.         1862 Dallas Co., MO



Nathaniel Maddux

B1        Caroline Maddux, b. 1822 Cocke Co., TN, m. Ed Cameron, d. 1897

B2       ALFRED BURTON. MADDUX, b. 1823 (see C below)

B3       Lorenzo D. Maddux, b. 1824 (see CC below)

B4       John P. Maddux, b. 1826 (see CCC below)

B5        Mary M. Maddux, b. 1831 Cocke Co., TN, m. Jasper Lillard, d. 1902 Polk Co., TN

B6        R. Avaline Maddux, b. 1832 Polk Co., TN, m. 1850 James M. Stafford, Dallas Co., MO, d. 1871 Polk Co., TN

B7       Nathaniel Starling Maddux, b. 1836 (see CCCC below)

B8        Martha J. Maddux, b. 1839 McMinn Co.? TN, m. 1st James M. Prater/Potter, 2nd James B. Hoover, d. 1892 Dallas Co., MO

B9        Margaret Maddux, b. 1840 McMinn Co.? TN, m. Elias D. White, d. 1875 Dallas Co., MO

B10      Nancy M. Maddux, b. 1842 McvMinn Co.? TN, m. John S. Burns, d. 1918 Barber Co., KS

B11     Harriet L. Maddux, b. 1845 McMinn Co.? TN, m. Nathan Austin, d. 1903 TX (see reference to her in footnote)


                                                                                  Generation 3


C.        ALFRED BURTON MADDUX (same as B2 above) -3

b.         1823 TN

m.        T. Caroline Brown, McMinn Co., TN

d.         1895 Dallas Co., MO




C1       Peter Maddux, b.c. 1844 Dallas Co., MO, dy Dallas Co., MO

C2       James K. P. Maddux, b. 1845 (see D below)

C3       Nathaniel P. Maddux, b. 1847 Dallas Co., MO, d. 1925 MO
C4       Martha J. Maddux, b. 1848 Dallas Co., MO, m. 1st Riley Stanley, m. 2nd Albert Stanley

C5       Rebecca A. Maddux, b. 1849 Dallas Co, MO, m. 1868 George W. O'Bannon, Dallas Co., MO, d. 1885

C6       Lucinda Maddux, b.c. 1850 Dallas Co., MO, dy Dallas Co., MO

C7       M. Matilda Maddux, b. 1851 Dallas Co., MO, m. ____ Brown (see reference to her in footnote)

C8       Sabra A. Maddux, b. 1853 Dallas Co., MO, m. George W. Sapp, d. 1907 Jackson Co., MO

C9       WILLIAM JOHNSON MADDUX, b. 1855 (see DD below)

C10     Elizabeth Maddux, b. 1856 Dallas Co., MO, m. ___ Darst, d.c. 1927 CA

C11    Anna C. Maddux, b. 1858 Dallas Co., MO

C12     C. Emma Maddux, b. 1860 Dallas Co., MO

C13     Alfred B. Maddux, b. 1862 Dallas Co., MO, m. Theresa A. Brown, d. 1938 Polk Co., MO

C14     Robert G. Maddux, b. 1864 Dallas Co., MO, d. 1928 Jackson Co., MO

C15     Edward H. Maddux, b. 1866 Dallas Co., MO, m. Laura E. Ireland, d. 1930 Cowlitz Co., WA


CC       Lorenzo D. Maddux (same as B3 above)

b.         1824 Cocke Co., TN

m.        Minerva E. Gibson

d.         1900 Sonoma Co., CA



Alfred Burton Maddux

Nathaniel P. Maddux

Alfred B. Maddux

Edward H. Maddux

CC1    George N. Maddux, b. 1845 Dallas Co., MO

CC2    Augusta Maddux, b. 1856 Dallas Co., MO

CC3    Mark W. Maddux, b. 1857 Sonoma Co., CA

CC4    James E. Maddux, b. 1864 Sonoma Co., CA

CC5    Isabella Maddux, b. 1865 Sonoma Co., CA

CC6    Harriet H. Maddux, b. 1866 Sonoma Co., CA

CC7    Preston Maddux, b. 1869 Sonoma Co., CA

CC8    Joseph Maddux, b. 1871 Sonoma Co., CA

CC9    Felix P. Maddux, b. 1875 Sonoma Co., CA


CCC   John P. Maddux (same as B4 above)

b.        1826 Cocke Co., TN

m.       1853 Serena J. Gibson, Washington Co., AR

d.        1849 Sonoma Co., CA



John Parker Maddux


CCC1  Lafayette J. Maddux, b. 1854 Dallas Co., MO, m. 1879 Blythe Simmons, Sonoma Co., CA, d. 1941 San Francisco Co., CA

CCC2  Robert F. Maddux, b. 1856 Sonoma Co., CA, d. 1857 Sonoma Co., CA

CCC3  Florence A. Maddux, b. 1860 Sonoma Co., CA, d. 1883 Sonoma Co., CA

CCC4  Jefferson D. Maddux, b. 1861 Sonoma Co., CA, m. Mary E. Polhenus, d. 1951 Sonoma Co., CA

CCC5  Loretta Maddux, b. 1864 Sonoma Co., CA, m. 1891 J. H. Graves, Sonoma Co., CA, d. 1927

CCC6  James E. Maddux, b. 1864 Sonoma Co., CA, d. 1945 Sonoma Co., CA

CCC7  William Fulton or Kenneth Maddux, b. 1869 Sonoma Co., CA, m. Juanita A. Andrews, d. 1941 Sonoma Co., CA

CCC8  Infant Maddux, b. 1871 Sonoma Co., CA

CCC9  Charles P. Maddux, b. 1872 Sonoma Co., CA

CCC10  Paul Maddux, b. 1875 Sonoma Co., CA, d. 1875 Sonoma Co., CA

CCC11  Paulina Maddux, b. 1875 Sonoma Co., CA, d. 1876, Sonoma Co., CA

CCC12  Lee Maddux, b. 1877 Sonoma Co., CA, m. Ermine E. Sacry, d. 1967

CCC13  Howard J. Maddux, b. 1895 Sonoma Co., CA, d. 1896


C4        Nathaniel Starling Maddux (same as B7 above)

b.                     1836 Polk Co., TN

m.                    Charity Hensley

d.                     1901 Taney Co., MO




C41     James M. Maddux, b. 1862 Dallas Co., MO

C42     Laura R. Maddux, b. 1865 Dallas Co., MO

C43     Mark W. Maddux, b. 1868 Dallas Co., MO

C44     Mary C. Maddux, b. 1869 Dallas Co., MO

Nathaniel Starling Maddux


                                                                                 Generation 4


D         James K. P. Maddux (same as C2 above)

b.         1845 Dallas Co., MO

m.        1865 Martha A. Southard, Dallas Co., MO

d.         1901 Dallas Co., MO




D1       William B. Maddux, b. 1868 Dallas Co., MO

D2       Tamza C. Maddux, b.c. 1870 Dallas Co., MO, m. B. Edmondson, d. 1936

D3       Mary E. Maddux, b.c. 1872 Dallas Co., MO, m. ____ Owensby, d. 1965

D4       Rebecca L. Maddux, b.c. 1874 Dallas Co., MO, m. ____ Montgtomery, d. 1893

D5       John I. Maddux, b. 1876 Dallas Co., MO, m. Effie Alford, d. 1940 Dallas Co., MO

D6       J. Burton Maddux, b. 1878 Dallas Co., MO, m. Rose Stogsdill, d. 1946 Dallas Co., MO

D7       Clarence N. Maddux, b. 1882 Dallas Co., MO, m. Della Stogsdill, d. 1934

D8       Ernie L. Maddux, b. 1886 Dallas Co., MO, m. Alzona Alford, d. 1961 Dallas Co., MO

D9       Minnie Maddux, b. 1889 Dallas Co., M<O, d. 1893 Dallas Co., MO

D10     Daughter Maddux, b.c. 1890 Dallas Co., MO, d.c. 1890 Dallas Co., MO

D11     Daughter Maddux, b.c. 1891 Dallas Co., MO, d.c. 1891 Dallas Co., MO


DD      WILLIAM JOHNSON MADDOX (same as B9 above) -4

b.         1855 Dallas Co., MO

m.        1st Christy Speggins

d.         1935 Dallas Co., MO



James K.P. Maddux






William Johnson


DD1     Matty Maddux, b. 1881 TX, m. ____ Witten


m.        2nd Laura B. Nicholas


DD2     George B. Maddux, b. 1887 Dallas Co., MO, m. 1907 Fanny M. Ellis, d. 1957 Dallas Co., MO

DD3    William G. maddux, b. 1889 Dallas Co., MO, m. Bessie Alford, d. 1954 Dallas Co., MO

DD4    Laura E. Maddux, b. 1893 Dallas Co., MO, m. Albert E. Bass, d. 1968 Dallas Co., MO

DD5    Roy V. Maddux, b.c. 1894, m. Dessie Beck

DD6    Nava N. Maddux, b. 1895 Dallas Co., MO, m. Ressie E. Keith, d.c. 1972 Dallas Co., MO

DD7    Lille M. Maddux, b. 1897 Dallas Co., MO, m. Oren W. Beck, d. 1971 Dallas Co., MO

DD8    Ola B. Maddux b. 1902 Dallas Co., MO, m. Donna E. Powell, d. 1971 KS

DD9    JAMES CLYDE MADDUX, b. 1905 Dallas Co., MO, m. Jessie F. Applegate, d. 1983 Greene Co., MO

DD10  Julia Z. Maddux, b. 1909 Dallas Co., MO, m. Ernest Mead




1-Paternity Documentation Unknown to Matthew, Adam, Nathaniel, Joseph, Schofield: Strong Circumstantial.  Joseph, Nathaniel and Schofield were all listed in the 1830 census of Cocke Co., TN.  Joseph and Nathaniel were both listed in the 1840 census of Polk Co., TN.  Matthew, Nathaniel and Joseph all served in Lillard's 2nd Rgt. E. TN Volunteers during the War of 1812, and Schofield served in Bunch's Mounted Rgt, E. TN Volunteers.  Rachel, the widow of Adam, had many dealings with Matthew Maddux in Cocke Co., TN, and also attended the same Baptist Church as Matthew.


2-Paternity Documentation Nathaniel to Alfred B: In same census and dist. 1850 census Dallas Co., MO; Alfred was b. TN, had a son named Nathaniel, and a daughter named Rebecca.  In 1880 census Dallas Co., MO, mother Rebecca, age 80, was living with Alfred B's proven dtr MM b. 1851 (see C7 above).  Also my family has lived on the land Nathaniel purchased around 1845 and which has his grave on it for generations, and is still on it.


3-Paternity Documentation:  Alfred B. to William J:  1860 census Dallas Co., MO

4-Paternity Documentation William J. to James C: 1910 census Dallas Co., MO



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