b. 1856 ENG


I believe my red-headed Catholic ancestors originated in Ireland, immigrating to primarily Catholic Liverpool.


See also “Maddox Origins:  Ireland” on this website


Generation 1



b.         c. 1820 England or Ireland

m.        c. 1840 Elizabeth ___

d.         Bef. 1871




A1       Elizabeth Maddocks, b. 1855 Liverpool, Lancashire, ENG

A2       JOHN MADDOCKS, b. 1856 (see B below)

A3       Thomas Maddocks, b. 1858 Liverpool, Lancashire, ENG

A4       Samuel Maddocks, b. 1864 Liverpool, Lancashire, ENG



Generation 2


B         JOHN MADDOCKS (same as A2 above)2

b.         1856 Liverpool, Lancashire, ENG

m.        c. 1877 Elizabeth ___

d.         Bef. 1891




B1       THOMAS MADDOCKS, b. 1861 (see C below)

B2        Samuel Maddocks, b. 1865 Liverpool, Lancashire, ENG


Generation 3



b.         1861 Liverpool, Lancashire, ENG

m.        c. 1881 Margaret Elizabeth ___





C1       William Maddocks, b. 1882 Liverpool, Lancashire, ENG (same as D below)

C2       James Maddocks, b. 1886 Liverpool, Lancashire, ENG (same as D below)

C3       John Maddocks, b. 1887 Liverpool, Lancashire, ENG (same as D below)


Generation 4


D         WILLIAM, JAMES or JOHN MADDOCKS (same as C1, C2, C3 above)4

b.         1882, 1886, or 1887 Liverpool, Lancashire, ENG






C1       JOHN MADDOCKS (see E below)


Generation 5


E          JOHN MADDOCKS (same as D1 above) -5

b.         1914 Wigan, Lancashire, ENG

m.        c. 1933 Jean Fairhurst, Lancashire, ENG





C1       Lain Maddox

C2       James Maddocks

C3       Malcolm Maddocks

C4       Sandra Maddocks

C5       CHRISTOPHER A. MADDOCKS, b. 1947, m.c. 1966 Poole, Dorset Co., ENG, d. 2003 Poole, Dorset Co., ENG




1Paternity Documentation:  Unknown to John:  Strong circumstantial based on 1871 and 1891 census, Lancashire, ENG

2Paternity documentation:  John to Thomas:  1871 and 1891 census, Lancashire, ENG

3Paternity Documentation Thomas to William/James/John: 1871 and 1891 census, Lancashire, ENG

4Paternity Documentation William, James or John to John: 1871 and 1891 census, Lancashire, ENG

5Paternity Documentation John to Christopher:  Birth certificate


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1871 Census Wigan, Lancashire HH 138, 19 York St, Maddocks:

Elizabeth, head, 49, b. Liverpool, Lancashire, 1822 (widow of Unknown)

Elizabeth, dtr, 16, b. Liverpool 1855

JOHN, son, 15, b. Liverpool 1845

Thomas, son, age 13, b. Liverpool 1858

Samuel, son, age 7, b. Liverpool 1864


1891 Census Wigan, Lancashire HH 91 (30 Peet St.) and 152 (1 Richmond St.), Maddocks:

Elizabeth, head, 41, widow, b. Tranmere, Cheshire, 1850 (widow of JOHN b. 1845 above)

Samuel, son, 26, b. Liverpool, Lancashire, 1865


Thomas, 30, b. Liverpool, Lancashire, 1861

Margaret Elizabeth, 27, b. Wigan, Lancashire 1864

William, son, 9, b. Wigan 1882

James, son, 5, b. Wigan 1886

John, son, 4, b. Wigan 1887

Margaret, dtr, 1, b. Wigan 1890